Gifts for the arty types in your life

Struggling to find a present for the arty wanker in your life? Webb’s has just the thing for you: Improbable gifts for impossible people.

The exhibition pieces can only be described as suitable for the loved one with eclectic taste or a relative you severely dislike.

Some of the more unique presents include the philosopher's gun, priced between $400-1200. The gun has been around for more than a century – ideal for a war-nut or someone with failing eyesight. 

The tribal art mask is another favorite on the list of gifts for people you dislike. The nightmare inducing mask is priced between $500- $1500 and would make an excellent addition to collections of tacky art.

When all else fails, there’s always the range of novelty ties to fall back on. features a range of neckties including this mustard and sandwich one. All ties can be customised to suit the receiver's preference.

For the animal lover, why not a black swan? It's so life-like, small children will think it’s still alive.

But if rodents are your preference there’s always Ginny available for purchase. This stuffed hamster is an excellent icebreaker, especially for anyone who enjoys talking about dead childhood pets.

Still too inside the box? There are alternatives. Try KILO, a 14-inch almost pure gold tiki statue. It's also a gift that keeps on giving as it can be melted and turned into something useful like jewellery or cash.

All else failing, for the sophisticated scotch drinker there is the Chivas Regal Scotch and storage tin available. The tin is proudly emblazoned with a lion – possibly there to act as a omen for potential drinkers.

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