Boom! An ambitious new approach to architecture

Boom! An ambitious new approach to architecture

There's a new global housing development movement brewing, and it's known as BOOM.

Starting with sites in Palm Springs, California, Spain and New York City, BOOM brings together 16 of the world's top architects, landscape architects and urban planners, allowing them to design their own unique portion of a masterplanned community with a unified mission in mind.

It's supplemented by an online community, allowing future residents to incorporate their ideas into the design of the developments.

The project was originally created for LGBT senior citizens, but has evolved to include people of all ages and sexual orientation; the first area in the Palm Springs desert is slated for completion in 2013.

The designs use interconnected pathways and plazas to link an entertainment complex, a boutique hotel, gym and a wellness centre.

Each of the eight unique neighbourhoods will house 300, and once these initial neighbourhoods have been built, the community will expand to house 700 residents.