Tane Williams unleashes illustrative pop culture feast with latest design

Tane Williams unleashes illustrative pop culture feast with latest design

We think illustrator Tane Williams is immensely talented, and we swear we’re not being biased just because his cover design for Idealog #31 is a finalist in the Maggies.

His latest illustrative venture is a poster for the Fatso 24 Hour Movie Marathon event, which kicks off later this month.  Featuring a real mish-mash of characters, Williams says the idea was to make it look like the characters are looking out the screen, back at the audience.

But with a firm concept in place, the execution of the idea certainly wasn’t without its frustrations.

“I started off drawing the characters all individually, adding them on the computer one by one," he says. "I drew 50 characters but when it came time to put them into the computer, it didn’t look right because they had to fit right besides each other. So, I had to start again — not the greatest thing for time.”

Williams went back to the drawing board, so to speak, crafting the poster design by hand in black and white. Colour was then filled in on the computer because, Williams says, “it’s a bit hard to colour and scan an image that size and get the colours right.”

The Blob, Conan, The Thing (that’s the screaming upside down head in the poster), and your typical Mondo poster movement cast of zombies and aliens, all feature in the final design. Even Tane himself makes an cameo appearance (he’s the one in the mid bottom length with glasses and long hair), as does event organiser and movie event guru Ant Timpson (he's on the bottom right). 

Williams has been a huge fan of the Simpsons for years now, the illustrative style of which is clearly evidenced in his character style.

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