A quick word with ... Jasmax architect Chris Jack

A quick word with ... Jasmax architect Chris Jack

Chris Jack walks us through a day in his world and tells us what his Superman night gig would be.

Chris JackYou start the day with…

...walking past my bike and wondering when I'm ever going to get around to fixing the flat tyre...

And end it with…

...reading Bill Bryson's At Home ...which is more interesting than its title suggests . It should have been called "Really interesting stuff nobody knows..."

And in between, you…

...discuss, debate, draw and drink (lots of coffee)

What was the first rung on the ladder for you professionally?

...being hired at Jasmax because they thought I could draw quite well...then realising I had better start drawing really well...

Any advice for young munchkins who’d rather like to have your job?

...keep sketching, it's what architects do...or should do

What’s your favourite work in NZ at the moment?

The new Auckland City Art Gallery, everything that good architecture strives for – a place that distinctly belongs to its site, contemporary, dynamic yet respectful, light, engaging and a perfect compliment to the brilliant collection it contains.

If Architect : Associate Principal is your Clark Kent day job, what’s your Superman night gig?

Figuring out Xavier Rudd guitar riffs by watching YouTube videos...which is to say, I should never give up my day job.

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