Beck's beckons creatives with summer bottle revamp

Collaborations between musicians and artists have brought us some of the most memorable pop culture images of the last 50 years. Think iconic images such as the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen, or The Velvet Underground and Andy Warholʼs famous collaboration. And now Beck's is looking to do the same by revamping a series of limited edition labels with the help of local talent.

Next year artists Rainbow Monkey, Andrew McLeod and Gavin Hurley will join up with musicians Cut Off Your Hands, Ghost Wave and Parallel Dance Ensemble to each design three labels for Beck's bottles, inspired by a song from each band.

Beckʼs also ran a competition in design/media tertiary establishments around New Zealand to find an up and coming artist whose work will be featured as part of the campaign on one of the labels. The winner will be announced on January 26.

And not only will more than 1.6 million Beckʼs bottles soon be sporting a completely original work of art, but those who purchase a promotional 12-pack will also receive four free music downloads of their choice powered by as part of the Beckʼs Music Shout.

The limited edition bottles will be available in stores and in bars for three months from February.

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