The humble toilet sign gets an edgy makeover

The humble toilet sign gets an edgy makeover

Poopin' ain't sexy. Still, for some reason people try really hard – either through well-intentioned wit or plain bad puns – to spice up the experience.

But adding an element of high fashion to your trip to the bog – only in America, right?

Liz Besanson, a high fashion photographer, has got on board with Toletta – the people behind the world's first premium brand of paper toilet seat covers – to create a series of real life toilet signs.

Confused about what a real life toilet sign entails? We were too. And then we were disappointed.

One pretty girl and one pretty boy, each dressed in black, pout and pose to resemble your average plain old toilet sign.

It's not as easy as you think, apparently.

"The hardest part about the photo shoot was trying to capture the true essence of a toilet sign," Besanson says.

"Most signs you see on a bathroom door are mono and stiff. I was looking for something edgy yet sophisticated, in keeping true to the iconic symbols we all know."

Two swanky restaurants in Ottawa – Kinki and Mambo – feature the signs on their toilet doors.

Don't despair, though, you can have them on your toilet door, too.

"Any restaurant, hotel or shopping mall that wants to use the images on their bathroom doors can do so for free as long as the images are not altered,” Besanson says.

You can download the high-res images at

We've already printed some off for the office.

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