EECA launches new programme to incentivise energy efficient commercial buildings

EECA launches new programme to incentivise energy efficient commercial buildings

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is calling on design, construction and energy services experts to respond to a request for proposals on a new commercial buildings programme. 

The programme will be three-pronged, as follows: 

Energy management advisory services to commercial building owners: a programme for service providers to apply for part-funding from EECA to provide energy management advice to owners of existing commercial buildings 

Energy efficiency advisory services for new commercial buildings: a programme to fund providers to provide advice on embedding energy-efficient options into the design and fit-out of new commercial buildings. Although a nationwide programme, there will be a particular focus on the Christchurch earthquake rebuild. 

Energy efficiency project implementation: a programme for providers to apply for part-funding from EECA for energy efficiency projects that would not otherwise proceed without such funding. EECA contracts with the provider and the provider contracts with the customer (generally building owners) in the commercial buildings sector. 

EECA is inviting proposals from potential providers, and is also welcoming ideas for alternative programmes that will help overcome the financial barriers for companies in investing in more energy efficient buildings. 

Although the programme is aimed at supporting businesses across the country, the plan is to start the funded design element in Christchurch where the scale of commercial rebuilding presents huge potential for energy savings. 

"If Christchurch's commercial buildings are designed and built to be as energy efficient as possible, annual energy savings will be worth millions to the local economy - and that's before calculating the improved productivity or brand value," said EECA chief executive Mike Underhill. 

EECA is also working with the New Zealand Green Building Council, and other bodies contributing to the Christchurch reconstruction. The programmes will also complement an energy design advice service planned by the Christchurch Agency for Energy. 

A series of briefing sessions for potential providers will be held by the EECA in early November. Find out more here.

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