A creative sector guide to the Draft Auckland Plan

A creative sector guide to the Draft Auckland Plan

Aucklanders have had one month to make their voices heard on the Auckland Council’s Draft Auckland Plan, but the council has announced it is extending the submission period by six days. Originally due to end two days after the World Cup on October 25, you can now have your say until 4pm Monday 31 October. Now Creative Coalition, the “champion for Auckland region’s creative sector”, is urging people to make their submissions and has prepared a summary and submission guide from an arts, heritage, culture and creative sector point of view. 

It said the arts, culture, heritage and creative sectors are seen by Auckland Council in the draft plan as playing a key role in the development of Auckland, and are woven throughout most of the topic and priority-focussed chapters in some form. 

Having reviewed the draft plan, Creative Coalition said chapter 3 focuses on arts, culture, heritage and recreation and has a focus including— but not limited to— the usual ‘arts as a driver of community development’ focus. It also has a driver of cultural, creative, social and economic wealth for the region.

Included in the Implementation Plan (chapter 12) for chapter 3 is the development of an arts and cultural strategy that the Creative Coalition, amongst others, has been lobbying for.

Chapter 4, Auckland’s Economy, has a priority of making Auckland a ‘creative, vibrant world city’ and identifies the arts, cultural and creative sectors as a real driver to making this a reality. 

To check out the Creative Coalitions Draft Auckland Plan submission guide, click here. 

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