Wynyard winning?

Wynyard winning?

As a city, Auckland isn’t exactly famed for getting it right when it comes to tasteful design and development principles, but could its latest waterfront development finally see it heading in the right direction? Stage one of Wynyard Quarter has been open to the public for just over one week now and the feedback we’ve heard so far has generally been positive (apart from one disgruntled observer who commented it looks like an industrial wasteland).   

If you haven’t yet had the chance to explore it for yourself,  here are some new pictures to offer you a taster of what’s being dubbed Auckland waterfront’s 'cultural and social heart' — all $120 million of it. The images mark stage one of Wynyard Quarter's development, part of one of the largest waterfront urban renewal developments ever undertaken in New Zealand. Over the next 20-25 years around 29 hectares of Auckland’s waterfront within Wynyard Quarter will be transformed in stages into a harbourside community with parks and plazas, apartments, shops and offices alongside the traditional marine and fishing industries.

Opening day: View from top of Silo

Wynyard Crossing

North Wharf character shed

North Wharf

Silo Park area

Tram on Halsey Street

Tram on Jellicoe Street

Viaduct Events Centre deck looking west.

Viaduct Events Centre western side

Viaduct Events Centre main entrance.

Project key facts

Wynyard Crossing

Connecting Te Wero Island with Wynyard Quarter

Started November 2010

Cost: $3.7m

Designer: Hyder Consulting

Construction: Brian Perry Civil

100m (L) x 6m (W)

This pedestrian and cycle bridge provides a key link between the Viaduct Harbour and Wynyard

Quarter. The bridge can be raised to accommodate passing boats.

Viaduct Events Centre

Halsey Street Extension Wharf

Started March 2010

Cost: $32m

Designer: Gordon Moller

Construction: Hawkins

6,000 sqm

This two storied multi-purpose exhibition space will be home to key events such as the Fashion

Show and the Boat show later this year.

North Wharf

Jellicoe Street (north side)

Started April 2010

Cost: $7m

Designer: Fearon Hay

Construction: Mainzeal

1,706 sqm

As well as being an operational wharf, the new North Wharf buildings and the refurbished Old

Red Shed will provide alfresco dining.

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