Grow your bike, ride your bike

Grow your bike, ride your bike

Fancy cruising around on this not so bad boy but very practical bike? Fashioned sustainably from bamboo, the bike, a finalist in the Australian round of the 2011 James Dyson Award, is the creation of Australian student designer Alexander Vittouris of Monash University.

In his project brief, Vittouris described his bike as one which considers the entire product lifecycle (no pun intended) process as a natural growth process. 

Vittouris said: 

The term “grown mobility” is introduced, engaging the environment in its production phase through photosynthesis, and carbon storage till ultimate destruction. Utilising the strength and rapid growth of bamboo (Bambusa Oldhamii), it’s possible to directly intervene with shape modification of the growing plant. By adding tension to growing sections, over a reusable skeletal substructure, the plant retains the shape it’s restricted to, forming the structural basis for the velomobile without energy intensive assembly techniques. 
Derived from the field of arborsculpture, which specialises in the specific modification and grafting of plants to create shaped structures, the conceptual design, the Ajiro, involves using these principals to create a ‘clean footprint’ urban and recreational vehicle – a grown vehicle. Using bamboo, with its rapid growth rate (as much as one meter in a 24hr period), coupled with its structural integrity make it an ideal candidate for the formation of unique urban personal mobility. 

To find out more about Vittouris’ creation and other finalists Australia, click HERE. And don’t forget to check out our very own talented batch of talented designers in the Kiwi final of the James Dyson Award. 

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