Absolut shakin' it up for Fashion Week

Absolut shakin' it up for Fashion Week

How do you make vodka that much more fashionable? Absolut has an idea or two and it’s strutting those ideas around as part of the upcoming New Zealand Fashion Week. The vodka brand has announced plans for its 2011 Absolut Fashion campaign, which includes the unveiling of its own Absolut fashion studio, along with some fashionable cocktails courtesy of top Kiwi designers Adrian Hailwood, Huffer and Lonely Hearts.  

The studio has been designed as a creative space to showcase the best of fashion, art and music across Fashion Weekend (2-3 September) and it’s here the Hailwood, Huffer and Lonely Hearts-inspired cocktails will be available for sample. The three Absolut Fashion cocktails will also be served in participating bars across New Zealand between 1 August and 15 September. 

And as you’d expect the designers seem pretty chuffed with the resulting fashion and vodka-fused efforts. 

“The 2011 Absolut Hailwood cocktail looks suitably stylish and I look forward to it being showcased at Fashion Weekend,” said Hailwood.  

And if you’re curious as to what exactly an Adrian Hailwood, Huffer and Lonely Hearts is comprised of, the Absolut studio will also host a bunch of mixology seminars where Absolut’s resident mixologist Chris Harrop will offer coctail tips and tricks. 

Absolut seems to be on quite the mission to align itself with the fashionable crowd. Only a couple of months back it unveiled its Kiwi as bro Huffer-inspired case.

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