Unbuilt Architecture Awards up the ante

A fusion of takeaway coffee cups and digital modelling last year saw Mike Hartley and Nick Sayes from Daniel Marshall Architects walk away with the top prize at the Auckland Architectural Association Cavalier Bremworth (AAA CB) Unbuilt Architecture Awards. Now, for the 2011 edition of the awards, Cavalier Bremworth has upped the stakes by boosting the prize money on offer by an additional $6,000. 

2011 marks the 20th year of the awards, and as well as changes to prize money, this year the Open category will be split into two: a general Open section for professional architects to enter, and an Open work-in-progress section to encourage more entries from professional architects who have projects about to be realised. 

The new Open work-in-progress section will have the same $5,000 prize money as the existing Open section, along with a Chris Metcalfe trophy, and an additional $1,000 for the runner-up. The student section offers a $3,000 first prize and trophy with $1,000 for the runner-up. 

Cavalier Bremworth says the international panel of judges will shortly be announced ahead of the November event. Find out more HERE.

Mike Hartley and Nick Sayes wining 2010 entry, "The path to dwell on"

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