Innovator of the day: The swissRoomBox

Innovator of the day: The swissRoomBox

Who: misC Sport and Leisure, founded and owned by Philippe Perakis (Switzerland)

Innovation: swissRoomBox 

What does it do?

Ah, those crazy Swiss people. First they invented the Swiss Army Knife, now they've come up with a way to turn your car into a house. It's a modular box system, installed in the boot of your car, that unpacks and folds out to a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

What problem does it solve?

When you and your family are headed for the outdoors, forget hiring a campervan—you can just get one of these puppies installed in your boot. Much nicer than a tent, too.

A success?

It claims to be the world's smallest motorhome set-up. How easy it is to set up, or how comfortable it is, is anyone's guess. May still not be an option for those more accustomed to "Princess Camping".

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