On your marks, get set, design

On your marks, get set, design

It’s better to have ideas than to be without, and idea-generating initiatives for the Christchurch rebuild just keep coming. The latest offering is called the 48 Hour Design Challenge and stems from the Share an Idea initiative. As part of the challenge, 20 teams of seven—including a design student on each team— will be tasked with designing the look, functionality and use of a specific part of the Central City. 

Participants will receive guidelines that include: keeping in line with national building codes, incorporating green spaces, considering people and how they will interact with the space, transportation constraints, and building use. 

Teams will be handed their briefs, including the piece of the Central City they have been assigned to redesign, at middayFriday 1 July and will have untilmidday Sunday 3 to produce their best design concept for their area. The ideas generated will contribute to the Central City Plan. 

“This is a great way for us to get input from people who have experience with city design, and then feed what they come up with through to Council staff developing the Central City Plan,” says Mayor Bob Parker. 

If you fancy entering a team, contact Tessa Smith on 021 777 839 or email

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