Green Building Master Classes

Green Building Master Classes

Fancy upping your green building credentials and knowledge? Next week the New Zealand Green Building Council will be running its Green Building Master Classes, where various aspects of green building practice in New Zealand will be explored. Speakers include Andrew Patterson from Patterson Associates, the firm recently named as one of the leading lights in global architecture.   

The event is taking place on Thursday 23 June and the full run down of speakers and topics is as follows:
* Andrew Patterson of Patterson Associates will talk you through New Zealand’s first 6 Green Star designed office , The Geyser Building

* Carbon questions with Dr Hugh Byrd. Byrd leads a team of researchers who will provide you with a closer look at the following three research subjects:

-Sexy and dangerous: the impact of architectural style on energy use.

- Running on empty: the impact of peak oil on urban form.

- The human factor in green buildings: blind faith. 

* Upgrade, retune, retrofit – the opportunity for existing buildings: hear from Stefan Waldhauser(Beca) about the Green Star refurbishment of Aorangi House; Energy consultants Frans Plugge and Norman Smith will also discuss the huge costs savings available through continuous commissioning

* Sustainable suburbia? How might Auckland explore sustainable expansive urban form models? Matthew Paetz(AECOM) outlines sustainability benefits and costs of compact vs expansive urban forms and asks whether a ‘third way’ is possible. Richard Knott (AECOM) presents SSIM, a GIS-based master planning tool, and Matthew Blaikie(NZGBC) discusses a sustainability assessment approach to community/precinct development;

* Build It Back Green: hear about sustainable rebuilds around the world and be part of the discussion about the tools and training NZGBC is developing to contribute to a green rebuild of Christchurch 

For more information, click HERE.

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