The artful shelf

The artful shelf

Not too much to say about this shelving system other than to admire what a fantastic concept Mark Kinsley has come up with. Called Riveli, at first glance these look like pieces of funky artwork. But look again. The modular system contains recyclable aluminium flip down panels for storing whatever takes your fancy. It has numerous applications that include the home, retail spaces (including  the mirrored dressing room below), corporate spaces and more. You can also play around and adapt the panels with other art work, photography or textiles, using either magnetism, adhesives or by sliding images into the channels. 

“I designed Riveli shelving in 2008 as a one-off design piece for a juried Furniture Design Show in Chicago,” says Kinsley. “It was a design that fit a personal need I had living in a small studio downtown. I'm a book lover, but couldn't afford the space needed to dedicate a whole wall for a bookshelf. I'm also an art lover, but have even less room for objects without a tangible function.”

The modular system features the work of numerous artists from Chicago (Kinsley's hometown) and beyond, and Kinsley says he is always on the look out for amazing and talented local artists and designers to inspire new looks.

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