Tui ventures into the vortex of bottle design

Can you make a beer taste better by changing the shape of a bottle? The makers of Tui Blond Lager must think so, announcing a few changes to brands' traditional bottle design. Beer brands are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and up their sales, but among the changes to be made to the Tui bottle design, the addition of a vortex internal neck emboss is the most intriguing. The vortex technology was originally created in recognition of the fact that consumers are no longer pouring beer into a glass before drinking it. 

So how does it work? Supposedly, the small grooves in the neck of the bottle create a vortex motion as the beer is poured, a process Tui describes as “invigorating the beer”. In essence, the vortex process aggravates the beer releasing more of the beer’s taste. 

Tui brand manager William Papesch is confident this point of difference will increase brand awareness. 

“We have revitalised the brand’s appearance and our innovative new Vortex bottle will further evolve the Tui Blond Lager brand into a more relevant and contemporary offering,” he says. 

While it may be the first bottle to carry such a design in the Southern Hemisphere, US brewing company MillerCoors first introduced the vortex bottle back in March last year for its Miller Lite beer. Not one to shy away from introducing gimmicks to up its sales, prior to introducing the vortex bottle MillerCoors introduced another interactive design for its Coors Light beer. In that instance, it produced a “cold activated” can whereby an image of mountains turned blue when the beer inside was “as cold as the Rockies”. 

As for Tui, the redesign doesn’t stop at the vortex. The brand packaging has also been redesigned to feature a new 3D brand badge. The 3D rendering is intended to give the appearance that the Tui Blond Lager logo, wording and Tui bird are larger than they appear, something Tui confidently describes as “a category first in New Zealand”. 

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