Speed is of the essence as First Light house makes its Wellington debut

Speed is of the essence as First Light house makes its Wellington debut

It's been an incredibly busy time for the Victoria team as they continue on with their Meridian First Light house. In their latest blog, the team detail the construction process as they set about building their house in just two days, ready for public consumption at Wellington's Frank Kitts Park. 

In late April we stopped work on the house and started to take it apart to be moved to Frank Kitts Park. The first step was to deconstruct the canopy. The cladding was then removed and the modules  taken apart, ready for transportation.

It was a tight squeeze getting the modules out of the shed but we managed it by forklifting them to the door and then rolling them out on metal poles. The team from NZ Cranes turned up and lifted the modules one by one onto trucks. The trucks transported the modules to Frank Kitts Park where the process took place in reverse.

While the house was looking good from the outside we still had plenty of work to do. The solar array still needed to go up, the landscaping had to be done and the interiors had to be completed.

The Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic panels were installed as well as the solar hot water system from LEAP. While this was happening on the roof , the landscaping was coming into place below and the interiors continued to be built. It took a number of team members along with Gavin from Verda to put together the Capital Scaffolding scaffold before the Verda decking modules were assembled on top.

We had a few very wet days in Wellington and there were some very muddy students crawling around under the deck. Right up until the day of the launch when we were supposed to be cleaning there was still construction happening. Amazingly though,  in the last hour it all came together and looked almost like a finished product. We even had our plants from Naturally Native planted and looking great.

While there are still things to work through—details on the interior and the landscaping for example—the house is looking fantastic.  We have been open for a week now and the public response has been truly surprising. The first Sunday we were open there were lines of people, lasting the entire day,  waiting to see the house. And the numbers just keep coming.  It’s incredibly exciting to be able to finally share the house with everyone.

The house is open until the 24th of May, weekdays 12pm-4pm, weekends 10am-5:30pm

Watch a time lapse of the assembly on Frank Kitts Park  below:

A very cool full time lapse of the construction in Lyall Bay follows below:

Visit the website to explore the Meridian First Light house and have a look at the elements that make up the house:

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