Got an idea on how to futureproof Christchurch?

Got an idea on how to futureproof Christchurch?

There’s any number of suggestions on how to best redevelop Christchurch and to help digest and create a dialogue around those ideas, the Christchurch City Council has launched an online forum to help give those ideas traction. Called 'Share an Idea', the website enables people to post ideas which will be shared world-wide to stimulate more ideas and ongoing conversations regarding future development of the Central City Plan. And by the looks of it, the website has already been pretty busy.

To create a people friendly and energy efficient city, one submitter suggests:

“Extend pedestrian mall, increase tram and shuttle routes,” adding that buildings should be “low rise with courtyards and green spaces.”

And another says:

“Creatively reuse some historic facades with contemporary (green) architecture.”  

Mayor Bob Parker says the website has been designed to facilitate voices from far and wide, including residents, ex-pats living throughout the world and people who may be looking to move to Christchurch.

“We need to hear everyone’s ideas and as many ideas as possible to ensure our Central City is a great place again, a place where residents want to spend time and businesses want to invest.”

He says Christchurch has been presented with a rare opportunity that presents the chance for bold and adventurous ideas to be heard on how to futureproof the city for coming generations.

“Christchurch was last planned in 1850. More than 160 years later, a natural disaster has given us an extraordinary opportunity to do it again.”

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