The bathroom as a designer space

Kitchen and bathroom designer Sue Gillbanks’ career has spanned over 30 years. Having worked at Alno & Poggenpohl, and having also run her own independent kitchen design company,  she now finds herself at home as a director at Kitchens By Design. In this blog, she tells us how the latest technology and building techniques are being used to create bathroom spaces that are functional, innovative, unique and timeless.

From a space that used to be one of just necessity, the bathroom is increasingly becoming a room that gives a home that something special. It’s also very personal, and as a kitchen and bathroom designer, I’m constantly trying to accommodate and appreciate that. 

The emergence of bathrooms as a place to retreat and take time away from your day only makes the design of these rooms more important. I like to think of bathrooms as a lifestyle space, just like that of the kitchen. 

There is no end to the options available to homeowners, whether it is an upgrade of the shower or vanity or a complete retiling and redesign, with many of the newest trends working together to make a bathroom a relaxing and appealing space. Some of these trends include: 

  • Feature showers with jets at all angles, overhead dump showers that drop like rain and are so relaxing and slide showers for those of any height give clients so many alternates to the norm. 
  • A walk-in shower with glass panels can give a bathroom a modern look which also means designing can take on new meaning with acid etchings in the glass a new favourite.
  • Vanities have concealed pull-outs and drawers or even internal drawers for a great use of space, keeping it simple and spacious.
  • From as small as 10mm squared to as big as 1200mm squared, when it comes to tiling,  bathroom opportunities are endless and anything is possible. Feature and textured tiles, or glass mosaics and porcelain also mean you can create a real theme to the bathroom.
  • Black and white toilets can become a feature, with a basin and taps to match. 
  • Wall features and recessess for candles or bottles can help relax and rejuvenate and nothing would go better with those than a freestanding bath. This is undeniably an element that has really increased in popularity.
  •  Just like in kitchens, natural colours and whites are still predominantly popular when it comes to a bathroom colour scheme. 
  • To highlight any colour scheme, lighting is important and dimmers are making a return in style, allowing you to easily change the feel of the room, depending on your mood.  

What is right for each individual client is of course always different. From concept through to completion, bathroom designers need to be genuinely excited about the design journey alongside their clients.



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