What’s naughty and nice in packaging design?

You might remember earlier in the year we featured a story about the Unpackit Packaging Awards, an initiative by Wanaka-based resource recovery community enterprise Wastebusters that thrusts into the spotlight the good and the bad when it comes to responsible packaging design found in New Zealand stores.  

With all public submissions now uploaded onto the website, entries have been shortlisted to a competitive eight of the good and eight of the bad. Now it’s up to you to pick which entries will win the prestigious and not-so-prestigious honours and you have until 29 April to do so. According to competition organisers, over 7000 votes have been cast so far.  

Entries sitting pretty in the good corner include the packaging for the Wishbone 3 in 1 bike; a nomination put forth by Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown for a  re-usable coffee cup made from recyclable plastic; and plates and bowls for takeaway food made from potato starch. 

Among the entries shotlisted in the naughty red zone are corn on the cob wrapped in two layers of non-recyclable plastic; prunes wrapped individually in a non-recyclable wrapper; and three hard-to-get-to ink cartridges which are each wrapped in a plastic bag and a cardboard box and then all packaged together in a large non-recyclable plastic pack. 

Winners will be announced 6 May.  

Wanaka Wastbusters are also currently touring the country to visit schools, farmers markets and communities to educate people on how to choose good packaging and avoid over-packaging products. 

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