Farewell to the wine country

Farewell to the wine country

As part of a concentrated effort to raise the awareness and attractiveness of the region to domestic and international travellers, Hawke's Bay’s destination branding has received a consolidated makeover. Following a three-month brand review that included visitor responses and consultation with key stakeholders, the slogan “Hawke's Bay Wine Country” has been chopped back to just “Hawke's Bay”. The revised destination brand will act as an umbrella brand for the entire Hawke' Bay region.

The slogan size isn’t the only thing to get smaller. The sun motif which which took centre stage in the previous logo has been trimmed down leaving only the top third, which sits atop the Hawke's Bay name. The logo retains its blue, yellow and orange colouring, and various website links, depending on the market being targeted, can be incorporated into the logo.

The brand change has been led by Hawke’s Bay Tourism’s chairman- George Hickton and general manager Annie Dundas.

“As a starting point we need to be consistent about the regions brand and the way we use it in our promotional campaigns,” says Hickton. “The brand is Hawke’s Bay and we are being consistent with the new design in incorporating all the elements we have been using over the past few years. This is simply updating our image but retaining the core attributes of sun and lifestyle while adding a compelling promotional message for our target markets.”

The “brand architect” responsible is advertising executive and Hawke’s Bay local Kim Thorp, who also designed the original Hawke’s Bay brand ten years ago.

“When we developed Hawke’s Bay Wine Country we always knew it would evolve over time and we believe its new treatment has a wider usage for all areas within Hawke’s Bay and multiple tourism sectors.”

The old...

And the new...

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