Construction ‘n’ Technology

With the skeletal frame of the First Light house complete, in their latest blog the team start to delve into the more technological side of things. There’s also a couple of very cool timelapse videos to give you more of a visual taster of the progress taking place.

In the last update we told you all about how the modules of the First Light house were coming along. The walls, floors, and roofs were up and insulated and ready for the rest of construction to continue. 

With the shell complete, the team began building the service shed which will house the technology to operate the house. The central section of the house, which will house the skylight, was then assembled. ProClima products were used to achieve air tightness in the envelope of the house. The interior walls have since been installed and both plumbing and electrical work is underway. 

Interior walls with air tightness paper from ProClima

A heap of products and materials have also arrived on site including Fisher & Paykel appliances, the Mitsubishi heat pump, the Lossnay ERV system supplied by BDT, and the planter boxes supplied by Verda. 

The Herman Pacific western red cedar cladding arrived many weeks ago and has been sitting waiting to be used while the shell of the building comes together. Now the cladding has finally started to go on to the house and we have begun to see how the house will look. 

House clad with Herman Pacific Western cedar

First Light architect attaches cladding

The rich mixture of natural wood tones will give the First Light house a classic New Zealand timber aesthetic. The cladding is being fixed to the modules using an innovative detachable cladding system designed by our very own Brendan Laurence. 

We will continue to clad the house as well as beginning to install the internal lining along with the windows, doors and skylight. We are looking forward to seeing the house start to resemble the renders and plans we have been looking at for months.  

We have continued to keep a track of the progress with time lapse clips. Take a look at the second and third weeks of the First Light house construction:

Week two:

Week three:

And back to week one:

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