Alt Group's tasty and designful social kitchen

Alt Group's Social Kitchen - a preview from Urbis Design Day

There’s a number of very cool events taking place across Auckland City as part of Urbis Design Day and, lucky us, last week we got a sneak peak of one event that blends tasty design and curious food combinations around the social centerpiece that is the kitchen.

A collaborative design process between chefs Natalia Schamroth and Carl Koppenhagen of the Engine Room restaurant, design agency Alt Group and furniture designer Sam Haughton of IMO furniture design, Fisher & Paykel’s Social Kitchen is atemporary a pop-up installation that blends food, furniture and appliances to create a work of art and functionality. 

Working alongside the team at Alt, IMO and the Engine Room, Fisher & Paykel's own head of industrial design, Mark Elmore, has been at the appliance designing game for decades now. He’s got a particular penchant for the physical and architectural changes that have occurred in the kitchen, as well as the sociological and psychological ways in which kitchens have changed to become the social hub of the home.

As well as having the temporary kitchen on hand (in a 40-foot shipping container no less) to serve tailor-designed food that challenges traditional tastes (like ginger nut tea with earl grey biscuits and beetroot and horseradish ice cream—which was actually ridiculously delicious), the installation also features Sam Haughtons and Hannah Brodie’s one-off custom table that can seat more than 50 people, dotted with colourful stools.

Haughton's design brief was to design a table that would fulfil the  various roles of our modern lives.  It also had to suit the Social Kitchen ideal, so the duo opted to create an outdoor table that encouraged eating as well as social interaction. The sections can be easily built into a long feast-worthy table, or broken down to smaller portions for more intimate occasions. The stools were also chosen and designed to fit the more spontaneous needs of a social setting, thus enabling people to pick up a stool and drop into the interaction where they like.

Check it out HERE.

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