ANZ brand implementation grabs international nod

ANZ brand implementation grabs international nod

While murmurings of a possible merger with the National Bank remain shrouded in secrecy, what is certain is that ANZ’s super-regional strategy, more specifically, the associated brand roll-out that comes with the strategy, is doing something right after Asia-Pacific brand delivery company Diadem won an award for best brand implementation for its ANZ project as part of the seventh annual REBRAND 100 Global Awards.

The ANZ Bank project was a “Notable Brand Implementation” according to the international panel of judges, which included the likes of Marty Neumeier, director of Transformation at Liquid Agency and Inese Silina of Nike Golf Global Brand Design. 

“We achieved the project targets set by ANZ Bank on budget and on schedule, and the knowledge that our work stands alongside the best in the world is a tremendous reward for our team,” says Diadem New Zealand business manager of projects, Brian Anderson. 

He says Diadem’s role involved assisting the bank’s property team to put the designs out in the market, engaging and managing contractors though the process. 

“We became a technical expert on behalf of the client,” says Anderson. ‘We turned the brand from a 2D element into a 3D one.” 

In selecting REBRAND 100 winners, emphasis is placed on executed strategy that makes an emotional connection and meets the stated objectives and needs of the identified customers and prospects. Looking at ‘before’ and ‘after’ representations of brand transformations, the judges are unaware of the brand strategists’ name and size when reviewing the projects. 

As part of ANZ’s super-regional strategy, Diadem’s work spanned 32 countries and involved the implementation of the rebrand across 4,000 physical sites, including retail branches, corporate and commercial offices, foreign exchange, airport and ATM facilities, sports stadiums, high-level sky signs and multilingual applications. Anderson estimated that New Zealand sites accounted for about 22 percent of the project work. 

The REBRAND 1000 website summarises the result of the winning strategy: 

“Strategic planning, development and delivery of the ANZ Bank rebrand project has met the agreed project objectives with respect to time, cost and quality parameters. ‘On-brand’ consistency has been obtained through detailed documentation, strategic procurement and sophisticated contract management procedures. The result is a consistent and high impact rebrand program.” 

Diadem, who was behind ANZ’s predominantly Australian-based brand overhaul about nine years ago, opened a permanent New Zealand office specifically for the project, and according to Anderson, the company has been going “gangbusters” since, working with the Auckland Council on the Rugby World Cup and also Auckland airport, assisting with way-finding planning around the terminals. 

As part of its long-term expansion strategy into Asia, ANZ unveiled its new lotus logo in November 2009, representing its core markets of New Zealand, Australia and Asia Pacific. At the time, Design Assembly summed up the new logo well with this description: 

“The reduction of ANZ word-mark lines from three to one – representing ‘One ANZ’. The line also represents the equator which runs through our region.

The addition of a new symbol to accompany the wordmark called ‘The Lotus’ which will represent ANZ in all our markets regardless of language. The three petals of the lotus represent the ANZ region, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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