Proposal for brick by brick Cathedral rebuild with a personal touch

Just as there’s been a constant flow of support from New Zealanders for Christchurch, ideas on how to best rebuild/pay homage to Christchurch have been in constant supply from the creative communities and beyond. 

One such idea involves the potential rebuild of the iconic Christchurch Cathedral. 

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has said: "There is some discussion that that is a building we could rebuild brick by brick, stone by stone. We need to find some symbols like that.” 

Taking that brick by brick idea on board, Christchurch resident Cassy Bean came up with the idea of imprinting each masonry stone with the name of a victim from the Earthquake, so that they can forever be remembered in the walls of the Christchurch Cathedral. 

Bean says she came up with the idea two days after the earthquake. 

“Seeing the pictures of our Cathedral broken just shattered me. I was racking my brain thinking how I could help.” 

Having come up with the idea, Bean went about gathering support via a petition on the ‘let’s rebuild our hearts’ website. While Bean acknowledges not everyone has supported the idea, she says so far close to 300 petitions have been signed since the site went live yesterday. And she wants everyone and anyone to get on board. 

“This initiative is for everybody so everybody needs to be involved.” 

And “everybody” includes community and political leaders. Dean Beck of Christchurch Cathedral, Mayor Bob Parker of Christchurch and John Key have all been emailed with the proposal. 

 “It’s what makes us Christchurch,” says Bean of the Cathedral. 

“My daughter is only 19 months old. She’s never seen the Cathedral and I want her to have the chance to see it.”

As well as the website, a Facebok page in support of the proposal has also been set up. View it HERE.

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