Cantabs have their say on Christchurch rebuild at upcoming design exhibition

Cantabs have their say on Christchurch rebuild at upcoming design exhibition

An exhibition at the Christchurch Art Gallery starting next week is giving Cantabs the chance to speak up about the future design direction of Christchurch post-earthquake. 

The exhibition will concentrate on the following five issues:

  1. Environmental Planning: making the right use of our land
  2. Urban Design: thinking about the space between our buildings
  3. Heritage and Character: asking what should be happening to our older buildings
  4. Residential: thinking about housing options
  5. Transport and Infrastructure: ensuring all can get around efficiently

Following the earthquake, Ian Athfield was appointed as Christchurch Architectural Ambassador to help coordinate the combined efforts of local architects working towards developing a design direction for the region post-earthquake.  

Athfield says an immediate design solution was deemed inappropriate as it didn’t allow for sufficient community participation and support. The decision to create an exhibition dealing with five wider issues facing the city was deemed the way to go. It’s an exhibition Athfield says will “inform professionals, the councils, communities and individuals in their process of arriving at the best conclusions for themselves and the greater community” 

In conjunction with the exhibition, weekly panel discussions will be held to discuss the five issues. The public are being encouraged to offer feedback at these panel discussions, as well as the exhibition itself and via the BeforeAfter website.

“Our goal following the exhibition is to achieve a stronger and respected voice in future decisions for Christchurch; to inform practitioners within our profession and allied professions that their advice and responsibilities are not limited to their own expertise; and to inform individuals and communities of those wider issues to assist in their own decision making,” says Athield.

The exhibition will run from 12 february to 20 March.

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