What happens when you unleash Lady Gaga as a creative force on Polaroid products?

What happens when you unleash Lady Gaga as a creative force on Polaroid products?

Polaroid has just unveiled its original, rather nifty and innovative new product line called Polaroid Grey Label, enlisting the help of none other than Lady Gaga who, as “creative director”, helped to create sunglasses that act as both a Polaroid camera and functional sunnies.

Gaga, together with Polaroid chairman Bobby Sager, revelaed the range at the popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in glitzy Las Vegas (see our picks of other cool products revealed at CES). Gaga describes the range as “bridging fashion and technology together” to create a products that are innovative and cultural. 

The 'gl20 camera glasses' enable users to capture and upload photographs and video directly to the sunglasses, which are then displayed in realtime on the outside of the 1.5-inch LED screens.

Gaga says she envisioned the Polariod glasses “many years ago”, having made a trial pair a while back during her Fame Ball tour. Back then,  she made the trial glasses by stringing together iPod screens to created glasses that played movies. 

The photo and video data captured in the glasses also registers to a USB that functions as a removable earpiece in the glasses. The earpiece can be connected to your computer for download. Or if you want to print your pics there and then, you can send them via Bluetooth to a small Polaroid printer that Gaga also had a hand in creating. 

Referring to the printer as her “bar magic party trick”, the petite 'GL20' printer produces a Polaroid picture in about 40 seconds. 

A new polaroid camera was also unveiled at the event. Check it all out for yourself below.

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