Good Onya ya clever web designers

Good Onya ya clever web designers

Enzed's top web designers and developers have been narrowed down to a precious few with the announcement of the 2011 ONYA Awards finalists. The ONYA Awards, held as part of the impending 2011 Webstock extravaganza, celebrate those who design, develop and create New Zealand's best websites and applications.

And now, onto the finalists...

Best visual design

Sponsored by BNZ

Resn & Crispin Porter and Bogusky

Website: Dominos — Behind The Pizza

Judges' comment: “A healthy dose of charm and delight are baked into this very playful experience. Fun!

NV Interactive

Website: Canterbury Museum

Judges' comment: “Striking framing for Canterbury Museum and its works. A pleasure to explore!


Website: Fringe Festival 2010

Judges' comment: “Fringe pulls no punches, serving up an onslaught of visual energy. Bravo!

Best web application

Sponsored by Xero


Website: Eventfinder Pro

Judges' comment: “I've tried many an event ticketing system: this one is REALLY awesome. Responsive, good-looking, very nice work.

Kiwibank & Social Capital

Website: heaps!

Judges' comment: “This is what I've always wanted from online banking!


Website: Vend

Judges' comment: “Offline features are very smart, critical for a POS system. An amazing product!

NV Interactive

Website: Blackcaps Video Vault

Judges' comment: “Visual flair enhances the overall experience. A powerful, easy to learn interface.

Best mobile application

My Tours

Website: My Tours

Judges' comment: “Worked well. Like the integration of service website, clear targeting, and a nice-looking app.


Website: AlphaJax

Judges' comment: “Very nicely put together.

Cactuslab & ACP Media

Website: North & South

Judges' comment: “Clean, clear, very good.

Best content (corporate)

Sponsored by Springload

Consumer New Zealand

Website: Consumer New Zealand

Judges' comment: “Classic consumer site with authoritative, highly readable verdicts on all sorts of products and services.


Website: Down to the Wire

Judges' comment: “Lively, idiosyncratic history of the internet in New Zealand. Fun history in bits and bobs, interviews, videos and episodes. Remember this—remember that? You were there, mate.

NZ On Screen

Website: NZ On Screen

Judges' comment: “A fascinating showcase of New Zealand TV, film and music video. We defy you to leave this site without exploring at least a little bit. Go on, you know you want to. Don't forget to eat.


Website: Ride Forever

Judges' comment: “Rich pickings for its target audience: middle-aged born-again bikers, in love with the romance of the road but not too sure about gear, technique or etiquette. Excellent writing.

Best content (personal)

Miraz Jordan

Website: Mac Tips

Judges' comment: “Clean, clear and to the point, Miraz's site is an exemplar of utility, consistency and longevity. If you own a Mac (and who doesn't?) subscribe.

Ben Gracewood


Judges' comment: “More than just a website, it's a New Zealand's one-stop-shop for geekery: reviews, forums, videos - all presided over by the inimitable Mr Gracewood.

Courtney Johnston

Website: Best of 3

Judges' comment: “Courtney's inquiring mind and catholic tastes make this site a pleasure to dip into, or to trawl through at length: rewarding at every turn.

Best user experience

Sponsored by Xero


Website: Eventfinder Pro

Judges' comment: “Fantastic application. Full-featured and easy to use. Great dashboard to keep an eye on status of your events.


Website: New Zealand Herald for iPad

Judges' comment: “Perfect use of the technology. Elegant and wonderful to use. Could easily use this every day.


Website: Hermitage Hotel Website & Booking Engine

Judges' comment: “Visually lovely site, compelling content and an interesting approach to the booking feature.


Website: Hive

Judges' comment: “Slam dunk! So impressed the whole team is now using it.

Best use of HTML & CSS

Sponsored by Google


Website: Public Address

Judges' comment: “Great to see valid HTML5. Excellent adaptation to smaller screens using media queries. Neat trick with the logo colours.

NV Interactive

Website: Strategy

Judges' comment: “A strong entry. The site has a strong separation of presentation, markup and behaviour. The grid animation technique is very neat.


Website: Heyday

Judges' comment: “The way the non-JS case is handled for the gallery and client panels is superb. Support of swipe gestures on the iPhone is a lovely touch.

Best mobile website


Website: Metservice Mobile Site

Judges' comment: “A nice tight design, bringing the brand aesthetic to mobile devices.

Jay Nielson

Website: DayOut Mobile

Judges' comment: “A solid implementation. Nice use of location to add context.

Best accessibility

Ministry of Social Development

Website: Ministry of Youth Development

Judges' comment: “The site was easy to navigate without mouse, though some tweaks to forms and tables could make the site more accessible.


Website: Word On The Street

Judges' comment: “Easy to navigate without mouse, comment form well marked up for accessibility.


Website: Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

Judges' comment: “Site works well overall, though some work on colour contrasts would help make the site more accessible.

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