Dow Design puts forth meaty offering for Hellers

Dow Design puts forth meaty offering for Hellers

With a penchant for designing through stories, Dow Design is at it again, this time giving meat brand Hellers a nostalgic makeover, complete with a new logo. 

“The time was right to revitalise the brand,” says Hellers founding director Todd Heller. “Our earlier innovations had become standard; we needed to rediscover what makes Hellers different.” 

Having recently helped DB Export return to its roots, Dow Design has offered a similar touch to the Hellers range, bringing to mind the nostalgic days of friendly, fresh, local suppliers of produce and branding Hellers as ‘NZ’s butcher’. 

“We wanted to communicate that at its heart, Hellers is a passionate local butcher,” says Dow Design’s senior creative Andrew Sparrow. “While it may have outgrown the small shop where it all began in Brighton, Christchurch, the Hellers commitment to quality remains deeply rooted.” 

The new packaging has a similar butcher’s shop look that also brings a fresh new visual approach to the Hellers range with appealing food photography and the use of earthy green and brown typography. It’s out with the sandwiches that previously graced Hellers packaging and in with a more simplified offering of ham and a splattering of simple vegetables—no bread in sight. 

The new Hellers logo—in the form of a hanging butcher’s sign with its ‘come on in’ appeal—echoes the roots of Hellers through generations of butchers. The logo also incorporates the original slogan ‘as sure as Hellers’. 

“We wanted to get the brand strongly back on the pack,” says Sparrow. “The infectious story of a Kiwi family business done good had been missing, so we loaded the packaging with connotations of craft and credibility. We added short stories by Todd Heller that bring the brand to life through his down to earth passion and expertise.” 

Remarking on the Dow Design process, Sparrow says: “In the increasingly cluttered and competitive world of retail, it's imperative to clearly communicate your difference. So, with the brands we produce at Dow, we work to discover that unique nugget that's rich in story. This is the constituent that has the power of connection—with everybody from consumers to staff & suppliers. From here it builds a more loved brand that ultimately changes behaviour.”

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