Architecture so compelling, you can almost smell it

A design that incorporates a slaughterhouse, a meat preparation area and restaurant—all housed under one roof—has won the 2010 New Zealand Institute of Architects Graphisoft Student Design Award, pocketing a handy $5,000.00 prize. The awards acknowledge design excellence for students of architecture in all years of study—from year 1 through to year 5.  

The winning proposal comes from 24-year-old Auckland University School of Architecture student Fraser Moore, who says he wanted to “ redraw the link between meat producer and meat consumer". 

"In modern beef retail, especially in supermarkets, there's no mess and little blood. There's no connection between the shop and the abbatoir, and often huge travelling distances between two. 

"I wanted to provide an alternative to the current sterilised environment. People in Western cities have little knowledge of the process which delivers an animal onto their plate. The building I designed would accommodate that process. Visitors wouldn't have to confront all the apects of meat production if they didn't want to, but they'd certainly come away with some understanding of how flesh becomes food," says Moore. 

The jurors described his entry as “...a challenging and provocative proposition that engages the patron in an ethically volatile programme, fusing meat production with consumption”. 

They cited Moore’s commitment to the development of what is a controversial idea, noting “..there is no attempt to ease our discomfort, or relieve us from confronting this reality.” 

It’s architecture “ compelling one can almost smell it”. 

Moore proposes the building be located on the corner of Park and Carlton Gore Roads, a site which was until recently occupied by a petrol station and garage.


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