Say hello to the country's most unusual letterboxes

Most people can relate to taking a drive through rural New Zealand and en-route catching more than a few glimpses of quirky letterboxes. And now, in the spirit of celebrating the more creative of letter housing, the country’s most wacky letterbox has just been unveiled. Northland builder Iain Cathcart took out the competition for his ferro-cement letterbox in the shape of a crown, with libertia plants on top.  

Cathcart says his crown letterbox was meant to be a tulip flower, but he couldn’t work out the shape perfectly so it turned into a crown. 

“The great thing about cement is that you can add things later. Remember Van Gogh said ‘If you ever needed inspiration, look at nature’.  

Competition organisers David and Geraldine Bayly, from the Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens in Kaukapakapa, put out the call three months ago, asking all DIY home-handy people to design the country’s quirkiest letterbox.

The posties’ choice letterbox was won by Whangarei artist Bruce Young, who has a striking sculpture installed at the Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens.    

The inspiration for the competition came when Geraldine and David went on a family holiday to Huia in the Waitakere Ranges. “On our way we saw an amazing letterbox made by Iain Cathcart of Mangonui with big lips and plants in it, and that really sowed the seed for this event.”

You can see the letterboxes for yourself when the exhibition opens this Saturday at the sculpture gardens.

Crown by Ian Cathcart

Spring by Bruce Young, Whnagarei

Kia ora, Orewa

Mosaic Madness by Lisa-Marie Ritchie

Blue Eiffel by Andrew Garrett

Messenger Male Man by Iain Cathcart, Northland

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