Final design completes lower west side

The final building in Auckland’s six Rhubard Lane group is the aptly named No. 6 Rhubarb Lane, by Peddle Thorp Architects. It contains 15 aPods sized between 170 – 506m2 and much of its framework is inspired by New York loft-style apartments in the celebrated Soho district. Modern interpretations of warehouse spaces use raw materials like polished metal surfaces and exposed concrete. 

A feature particularly unique to this building is the innovative ‘Living Bridge’ that will straddle the lane, connecting the two sides of the laneway and making for impressive views over the bustling activity below. One of Peddle Thorp’s directors, Richard Goldie says “with the adjacent 90 degree angles and large amount of glass used, privacy has been carefully managed while retaining excellent natural light flow”. 

No. 6 joins the other five buildings, each designed by a different architect. The first apartment design was by Ian Moore and the others are by Warren and Mahoney, Pip Cheshire, Fearon Hay and Architectus. All aPod units have been designed with both living and working in mind, but No. 6 was designed with a predominantly commercial focus. “These are some of the larger aPods at Rhubarb Lane and as such, are especially suited for working in. However the line between work and living environments is becoming more blurred so we’re not surprised that there’s residential interest too,” says Goldie.

The location of Rhubarb Lane in Auckland City’s Victoria Quarter is set to be a meeting place for living, working, recreation, enjoyment and the arts. The design of the buildings with bordering boutique shops and restaurants will make Rhubarb Lane the heart of the vibrant “Lower West Side” suburb.

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