Eco message takes a twisted and unconventional design turn

How do you provoke awareness, stimulate dialogue, and alter actions regarding the current conservation of Earth’s resources? Well, you could take the lead of t-shirt and tote bag company Antieco and turn the eco message on its head.

“We use smart design, twisted humour and quality organic/sustainable materials to achieve this,” says the company on its website. 

Take the global warming t-shirt for example. It reads simply: “Global warming sounds comfy.” Or the organic t-shirt: “Be organic. Eat an organ.” And there’s also the radiation interpretation: “A little radiation brightens my day.”  

To appreciate the designs does require a sense of humour of sorts, and although the company knows its designs are bound to push buttons, it's okay with that because, it says, “that’s what we’re all about”. 

Antieco's goal is to create a product that is as planet-conscious as it is cheeky. The tees are 100 percent designed in USA and manufactured in Peru through a fair trade cooperative. The company’s also contributes a percentage of sales to the clean-up and preservation of wildlife in the Gulf oil spill. And they promise to update keep you updated with how the donations are spent.  

And should you wish to own a piece of twisted tee humour for yourself, you can expect to pay US$52. That’s NZ$67—thank you very much. 

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