City of Dunedin gets a rebrand via the US

City of Dunedin gets a rebrand via the US

Dunedin may have recently received a new branded identity courtesy of BrandAid+ and Auckland based Projector Media Ltd, but Abby Brewster has a few ideas of her own—even if she does live all the way in the US. Brewster’s new logo and brand creation was completed as part of a city branding class she took while studying design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. 

“As the City's central hub, it seemed natural to base the form of the logo on The Octagon. The layered octagonal shapes reference the collaborative spirit of Dunedin; the mark also transforms into supergraphics and patterns that are used throughout the system's applications,” says Brewster. 

But what does this New Jersey girl know about the city tucked away in the deep South of Enzed? Well, she did spend a semester studying abroad at the University of Otago—an experience she says made her fall in love with the city, and all of New Zealand for that matter. 

“I remember there being such a great energy to Dunedin—the University and students definitely make things lively. Unfortunately I couldn't recall ever seeing a visual brand system in the City that matched the vibrancy of its people and community. I saw this disconnect as a real opportunity to create something that felt as progressive and dynamic as I remembered Dunedin being.”

Reflecting Dunedin's progressive and intellectual spirit, Brewster says the brand communicates the city's vision, mission and values. The brand system capitalises on the versatility of the mark, transforming it into supergraphics and patterns to be used throughout the system's applications.

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