Telecom’s greener addition

Telecom’s greener addition

Telecom employees, currently scattered across five locations in Auckland,  are set to unite in a greener space, with its new building—Telecom Place—being awarded a Five Star Green Rating by the Green Building Council, in partnership with building partners, Manson Group. Telecom Chairman, Wayne Boyd, accepted the award from the New Zealand Green Building Council at an onsite event last night. 

The site was chosen for its proximity to public transport, enabling the 2,700 staff to avoid driving into the city, should they choose to. The building, comprised of 30,000 square metres of floor space, also includes fewer car parks than the current Telecom building on Hereford St.

The $280 million international headquarters’ green features include a sensor based systems for bathroom taps and room lighting, and the construction and design of the building allows for maximum use of natural cooling, heating and lighting, enabling air conditioning and lighting systems to run at optimum energy efficiency.

Throughout the fit-out of the building, sustainable timber and low-emission materials have been used. And not forgetting the afterlife of waste materials, Manson Group also followed best environmental practices when disposing of excavated materials. 

“This building represents a new mentality, enabling our people to perform at their peak, while working in a dynamic, flexible and fast-paced environment,” says Boyd.

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