Managing colour

If you’re looking to get more intimately acquainted with your colours, check out Design Assembly’s upcoming colour management workshop, happening at the end of the month. The workshop is open to professional photographers, graphic designers, and pre-press technicians, as well as any one else who has an interest in learning more about colour management for personal and/or professional use.


The three hour workshop will be run in conjunction with Jessica Mills and will cove the basics of colour management theory, tools, and implementation. These techniques can be applied to both your personal graphics work-flow, and in a larger studio or print house scenario. Areas covered include:

Theory of Colour Management

This segment will be dedicated to gaining a better understanding of what colour really represents and how it interacts with our environment. The basic principles and building blocks of Colour Management (such as ICC profiles), and how all these elements work together.

Tools of Colour Management

This segment will focus on the tools that are available for colour management. Each piece of equipment will be explained in- depth; participants will be shown how it works and how the equipment is used in a colour managed workflow. At this point we will get hands on, with work-shop participants using these tools to create ICC profiles. All of the tools being discussed will be available for purchase at a discounted price for workshop participants. 


This segment will show how to set up and correctly use ICC profiles in your standard design programs (ie Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) to ensure a properly colour managed workflow.

You are free to bring their own personal laptop computers, ipads, etc . . . A paper and/or pdf copy of the presentation will be provided. 

When: Thursday October 28

Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Where: The Biz Dojo,

Suite 201,Level 2, Ironbank,

150 K Road,

Cost: $120 

More info HERE.

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