Have some 'F**k Avatar' why don't ya?

Those of you lucky enough to attend this year’s Semi-Permanent will no doubt remember Storm Thorgerson’s mass-kiwifruit experiment entitled 'F**k Avatar'. As part of the mass-audience participation experiment, audience members seated downstairs at Storm’s presentation were asked to hold cut halves of kiwifruit in front of their eyes, representing what Thorgerson called ‘4D glasses’. 

The audience were photographed as if experiencing the big-screen action of blockbuster Avatar, a film rated highly by Thorgerson for its digital genius but not for its storyline. 

It may have taken numerous takes, but it looks as if one photograph has been settled on and, should you feel inclined, you can own a signed copy copy of the fruity photograph print for yourself. 

There are 100 on sale which will all be signed by Storm, and should that 100 run out, more will go on sale though these will not be signed by Thorgerson. 

The print is A3 centered on an A2 sheet on Swiss Matt 140gsm, and is available for $80 HERE.


And if you want a refresher on Storm’s quirky and more than off-beat nature, take a squizz at the interview below.

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