Designs for Living – Enzed’s contribution to modernist architecture

Designs for Living – Enzed’s contribution to modernist architecture

This weekend sees the opening of exhibition project 'Designs for Living' at Adam Art Gallery in Wellington. Design for Living is a suite of four exhibitions that revisit twentieth-century modernism as it took shape in New Zealand. It draws on visual and archival material and New Zealand’s built heritage, to document certain features of this important artistic, architectural, social, technological and material legacy.

The four exhibitions are:

  • Long Live the Modern:New Zealand’s New Architecture, 1904-1984

  • Mlaen Bizumic: From Cube To Ball (Chapter 2)

  • Lisa Crowley: National Projects

  • Louise Menzies: Letters to Students of the Radiant Life

Design for Living is centered the exhibition Long Live the Modern: New Zealand's New Architecture, 1904-1984, which brings to attention key buildings that have been identified as crucial to our modernist history. Organised under the aegis of DOCOMOMO, a world-wide organisation dedicated to documenting the achievements of the modern movement in architecture, the show draws attention to the particular contribution of New Zealand architecture to this project.

To complement this exhibition, the Adam Art Gallery has invited three New Zealand artists to present chapters from their ongoing research into New Zealand’s modern history. Deploying different mediums and forms, and addressing strikingly different aspects of this legacy, artists Mladen Bizumic, Lisa Crowley and Louise Menzies offer richly various responses to modernism’s social and artistic ideals

Where: Victoria University of Wellington

When: 23 October—17 December 2010 / 25 January—6 March 2011

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