Webstock 2011 Launch Party

Webstock 2011 Launch Party

The folks behind web extravaganza event ‘Webstock’ have been planning the 2011 event since the day Webstock 2010 ended. And next year’s event is set to be launched in just one week’s time on Thursday September 23, and you’re invited. 

To celebrate the announcement, they’re holding a Webstock Mini featuring guest speakers (Denis Dutton and Mark Billinghurst), the promise of great company and of course, alcohol. 

Along with unveiling the 2011 lineup, there will also be a debate on the topic: "Open is good" 

When: Thursday September 23, 5:30pm - 9.15pm.

Where:  Paramount Cinema, Courtenay Place, Wellington

Cost: $50 per person (includes finger food and all you can drink) 

Register here. 

More about the speakers 

Denis Dutton 

Denis Dutton, a philosopher, is founder and editor of the highly regarded Web publication, Arts & Letters Daily

A native of Los Angeles, he teaches the philosophy of art at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, writes widely on aesthetics. and is editor of the journal Philosophy and Literature, and author of the recently published The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure and Human Evolution. 

Dutton's 2009 book The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution proposed that the commonly held modernist view that art appreciation is culturally learned is wrong and that art appreciation stems from evolutionary adaptions made during the Pleistocene period. 

In 2004 Dutton criticised Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings as "ham-fisted, shallow, bombastic, and laughably overrated". 

Mark Billinghurst 

Professor Mark Billinghurst is a researcher developing innovative computer interfaces that explore how virtual and real worlds can be merged. Director of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ) at the University of Canterbury, he has produced over 200 technical publications and presented demonstrations and courses at a wide variety of conferences. 

He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington and conducts research in Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Mobile User Interfaces. He has previously worked at ATR Research Labs, British Telecom and the MIT Media Laboratory. One of his research projects, the MagicBook, was winner of the 2001 Discover award for best Entertainment application. 

More about Webstock 

Webstock is a range of web-related events with the aim of improving how websites are built through inspiration, education, insightful analysis and practical application. It features industry leaders and kick-ass speakers talking on topics such as accessibility, web standards, usability and other best practices.

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