We are family, expressed in design team's own brand

A Tauranga graphic design and advertising team that delivers exceptional creative solutions has rebranded from top to bottom using a strong black and white theme based around traditional family values. Founder and client director Barbara Sunderland of Family Design Co chats about why the company has changed its look. 

“The business was formerly known as Hubcreative. The rebrand coincided with our move to new premises at 65 Spring Street in Tauranga where we’re surrounded by retail, banks, lawyers and many other professionals. 

“Having moved from Auckland to establish the business in Tauranga two years ago, we decided to do a competitive analysis to establish our point of difference. It’s actually very competitive in the Bay of Plenty with quite a few one man band operators working from home. So it’s quite a process when you meet with clients to tell them what you offer.” 

From Barbara’s side, her point of difference is her marketing and brand strategy strengths. She started her career working for Landor Associates, one of the world’s leading branding agencies in Sydney and has built a wealth of knowledge managing large-scale projects and rolling out campaigns, learning comprehensive branding tools with impeccable client management tools. Husband Trent also works in the business and has 15 years experience in the design and advertising industry. 

Their clients include some of the big names in the Bay of Plenty including Export NZ BOP. “Both Trent and I have spent a lot of time working overseas, We have a lot of strategic tools to help target global markets. We are also working on BlueLab – another large export client and recently won an award in the US for their industry media awards. We do everything from their merchandising and point of sale for retailers to their advertising campaigns.” 

Family Design Co is also working for Downtown Tauranga to rebrand the city to give it a more modern look for the future. 

Barbara and Trent wanted to demonstrate to their clients the importance of having a strong brand with a story behind it. “We realise the passion we have for our creative business was intertwined with our daily lives and the driving force behind our success is family. It’s about our business values and translating the brand name into everything – the interior design, the look and feel. It’s also about giving all our clients a very personal relationship because we are so involved with their business organization. We believe in honest, open communication. But the main thing for our customers – is to evoke the feeling they’re doing business with a trusted company. They’re doing business with family. 

“We trying to give a real feel of being established and we do have a lot of background and history in the business. Everything we’ve done brings a cohesive theme to the look and feel.” 

Barbara says they looked at the brand itself first, doing a lot of exploration with typefaces. “We decided to use a black and white theme using Gotham as the main typeface supported by Brothers which gives an overall quirkiness and heritage theme.” 

Translating the black and white look of their graphics to the interior of the design studio gives an understated look using stencils on white walls. They’ve taken what was a retail space and adapted it to what’s needed for a traditional studio to make it more inspirational for their team. For clients, an open door policy without a receptionist guarding the entry has created a very special, inviting space to visit. 

Having implemented a number of very successful marketing initiatives for their clients, Family Design Co has created a look for themselves that resonates perfectly with its own brand strategy. The new look sets them apart and instantly tells a rich and compelling story about why they’re unique.

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