Spring conversations

With a new season comes a new source of graphic design inspiration by way of Design Assembly’s Spring 2010 Conversations Evening. Entry is by koha donation. 


When: Wednesday, September 29.

Where: Room WE336,
Art and Design Faculty, AUT, St Pauls Street, Auckland 

Evening Agenda

6:00 PM – Arrive, drinks and snacks

6:30 PM – Speaker One and Q&A

7:00 PM – Break for refreshments

7:10 PM – Speakers Two and Three and Q&A 

The line-up 

The theory of colour management Jessica Mills
A brief introduction to colour management theories and how they can be used to improve workflow and color accuracy from design to print. 

A journey of researchDavid Sinfield
This presentation looks at the origins of David’s research and how this manifested and changed along the way whilst he undertook a Master of Art and Design degree. The conclusion to this body of research examines the exploitation of workers within New Zealand that have worked below the minimum wage. The workers narratives are portrayed in the form of edited audio recordings accompanied by large serigraphic prints. 

Walk the line Ross Liew/TrustMe
Ross will discuss the overlap of the fine and commercial art worlds, where entrenched perceptions and traditional divisive mindsets still tend to dominate the landscape. He’ll talk about his path to the present day and how this is reflected in Cut Collective’s position of straddling multiple worlds and maintaining currency in each of them.

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