Placemaking NZ forum: Creating amazing public spaces

Placemaking NZ forum: Creating amazing public spaces

Creating public spaces which make people feel at home is the guiding philosophy that defines ‘placemaking’—an urban design and community development model that focuses on creating amazing public spaces. And next month, Placemaking New Zealand (PMNZ) will be holding it’s second annual forum, which is open to anyone working in urban design, infrastructure & community development throughout the country. 

“For public spaces such as parks and town squares to be successful, they must suit the local community. Placemaking provides the model for that to happen,” says PMNZ special projects manager Sasha Webb. 

The theme for next month’s forum is 'Placemaking in NZ: The Way Forward.’

Keynote Speakers

Tom Beard - Urban Designer, Wellington City Council 

Tom Beard is an urban designer at Wellington City Council, and has been writing about urban life, sustainability and architecture for many years. He is currently working on several public space and research projects, and has recently given presentations on public art, walkability, mapping and the flâneur. 

Tom's presentation will examine the difference between place and space, and look at contrasting ways in which places can be made, and not just by designers. 

Kylie Hawker - General Manager, TownCentre Taupo; & Gareth Green -Group Manager Environmental Services, Taupo District Council 

Kylie is the full time General Manager for Towncentre Taupo Inc, which represents the interests of 550 businesses in the CBD. Gareth is the Group Manager of Environmental Services for the Taupo District Council, responsible for all planning, design and regulatory functions in the Taupo District. He has a strong interest in urban design, particularly as it relates to regional and local CBD's. 

Kylie and Gareth will discuss the dynamic partnership approach to both Taupo’s town centre management and their current revitalisation project. The presentation will include community driven planning initiatives, organisational partnerships and joint initiatives, 


What: Placemaking New Zealand forum

When: October 13

Time: 12.30pm – 5.00pm

Where: Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland

RSVP to:

Cost: Free! But you must book. 

More about PMNZ 

PMNZ is a charitable trust that was set up in 2009. The trust supports local communities across the country in their efforts to develop and revitalise public spaces. It’s role in the placemaking process involves education, communication and advocacy and working to connect 'professional placemakers' (architects, planners, urban designers etc) with 'community placemakers' (community groups, town centre managers, local business associations etc).

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