Interact with some digital art

Interact with some digital art

If you live in Wellington or are lucky enough to be visiting over the next week, you might want to head along to Massey University’s public lecture on digital interactive art. 

For the past 10 years, Associate Professor Chris Bennewith has been creating and exhibiting work with the international art and design collective Squidsoup. 

Squidsoup create installations and artefacts that combine sound, physical space and virtual worlds to produce interactive digital artworks that allow the viewer to take active control of what they experience. 

In his lecture, Immersed in an Ocean of Light: Creative Interaction through Digital Artwork and Social Media, Bennewith will be showing several of the works of art that he has helped produce during his time as part of Squidsoup. 

He will introduce a new project that he is currently developing for Massey University called SWITCH - an online application that uses social media strategies for creative collaboration. 

Squidsoup have exhibited internationally at venues such as Tate Britain and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Siggraph in Los Angeles, Sonar in Barcelona and ISEA in Belfast. They will soon feature as part of the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria. 

When: Thursday September 9, 6.00pm

Where: Museum Building, Buckle St, Wellington

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