Harbour crossing x 2 please

Harbour crossing x 2 please

A second harbour crossing is what Aucklanders most want from their Supercity candidates, according to a new nationwide ShapeNZ survey, which asked respondents to set priorities for four major projects being discussed by candidates for the new super city council. And it seems that New Zealand as a whole have a similar view on what Auckland’s top project priority should be. 

The second harbour crossing (either bridge or tunnel) is given top priority by 38 percent of Aucklanders (28 percent by all respondents in New Zealand). 

Next on the wishlist is an extended commuter rail service running from Pukekohe in the south to Orewa in the north (32 percent Auckland, 28 percent NZ). 

An Auckland inner city to airport rail link ranks third (29 percent Auckland, 28 percent NZ) 

Fourth in line is an inner city rail loop, including Queen Street, to link with all other routes, has 28 percent  support in Auckland (24 percent NZ). 

The results differ to those form a recent Herald-DigiPoll, which found that 23.5 percent of those questioned favoured a rail link to the airport, compared to just 17.7 percent who favoured a new harbour crossing. 

Other ShapeNZ research commissioned by the Business Council shows 47% of New Zealanders most favouring the use of Public Private Partnerships to start major infrastructure projects earlier. 

More about the survey 

The weighted ShapeNZ survey, commissioned by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development, was conducted between August 24 and September 19 to help guide people elected to councils at the October 9 local body elections. It has a maximum margin of error of +/- 1.6% on the  national sample of 2,480 respondents and +/- 3.9 % on the sub sample of 621 people living within boundaries of the new super city. 

Image: FLickr - wonderferret

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