Go-Go Gadget Chair

Go-Go Gadget Chair

Buy this device for your partner and you risk forever loosing the ability to converse and socially engage with them. The name says it all: The Ultimate Gaming & Gadget Chair. 

“The Gadget Chair is a totally immersive, escapist, entertainment experience,” says its creator Jamie Martin. 

Among its features are built-in games consoles, computer, a TV/PVR, video and music player, and should all that entertainment prove too much of a strain, there’s also a back massager. All of these features are aimed at transporting users to a zone “ far away from the outside world”. Here’s a breakdown of its features: 

Entertainment: Under the chair are three next-generation consoles, plus a Mac/PC system which doubles as the control centre for the Gadget Chair. 

Visuals: An electronically adjustable 16:9 OLED screen is positioned in front of the user and acts as the main control centre for the users entertainment experience. 

Audio: To help transport you on your merry entertainment way, the chair comes equipped with multiple directional illuminated speakers located either side of the user, front and back, as well as above. There’s also a sub-woofer. 

Motion - One of the Gadget Chair’s key unique features is its ceiling-mounted motion technology, allowing for vertical and rotational movement, powered by hydraulic pistons. 

At this stage it’s just a 3D concept. The modelling, animation and rendering was created using Maxon Cinema 4D, while the textures were created in Photoshop. Video & audio editing was done using Final Cut Pro. 

More about Jamie here.

Watch the chair in action below.

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