The augmented city in 3D

The augmented city in 3D

Get your 3D glasses out (it's amazing what you can find in an office when you look hard enough) and if you don’t have any, watch anyway. Augmented (hyper)Reality: Augmented City, is an impressive film produced by Keiichi Matsuda as part of his Masters in Architecture from Bartlett School of Architecture. The film is part of a larger project that addresses the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality. The project is described on Matsuda’s site: 

“The architecture of the contemporary city is no longer simply about the physical space of buildings and landscape, more and more it is about the synthetic spaces created by the digital information that we collect, consume and organise; an immersive interface may become as much part of the world we inhabit as the buildings around us. 

“Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology defined by its ability to overlay physical space with information. It is part of a paradigm shift that succeeds Virtual Reality; instead of disembodied occupation of virtual worlds, the physical and virtual are seen together as a contiguous, layered and dynamic whole. It may lead to a world where media is indistinguishable from 'reality'. The spatial organisation of data has important implications for architecture, as we re-evaluate the city as an immersive human-computer interface.”

Watch below and catch a glimpse of how we may well interact with our environment in the future.


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