Wellingtonian's boggy blog design piece gets anti-attention

A young Wellingtonian designer’s sculptural piece, which provokes the debate on the value of publishing, has been selected for show at the upcoming Anti Design Festival in London. Titled ‘Blog Roll’, Josh Barr’s piece challenges the notion of graphic design as two-dimensional and questions the value of digital communication. 

The work was part of Barr’s final presentation for his fourth year Bachelor of Design at Massey University and he says his work is likely to have been accepted into the Anti Design Festival because it’s a strong critique of graphic design and the antithesis of good design principles. 

“I’m asking; do review, thoughtfulness and editing go out the window in an era when anyone can quickly publish anything online? And what is the value of publishing anymore?” says Barr.  

Blog Roll was created by developing a software programme that takes the content of any blog and prints it through a fax machine into a 45-metre long roll of one-ply paper. He then hand perforated and rolled it into a toilet-roll like object. 

“Each Blog Roll is printed using web fonts such as Arial and Verdana: that’s a real challenge to graphic designers who are used to spending a lot of time considering the typography of each work.” 

“The presentation of these fonts didn’t go down well with my design lecturers, but ironically that’s probably what got me into the Festival.” 

The Anti Design Festival, which runs parallel to the London Design Festival (18 -26 September), provides an outlet for new risks and creative exploration in art, image, design, product, film, fashion, performance, 3D, digital and sound through a series of events, publications and venues.

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