Wall flowers take centre stage

Wall flowers take centre stage

You’d have to have a go go gadgetneck or be excpetionally tall in order to notice NZI Centre’s green roof in Auckland’s CBD. But this stand out practice will hopefully soon be sprouting forth at a more accessible, eye-catching level near you.

Following London and New York’s perennial (see guerrilla gardening) examples of environmental zeitgeist, Zoe Zimmerman from Living Roofs highlighted the NZI initiative at a recent Auckland City Council Mayoral Event, sighting benefits like natural building insulation, reducing noise levels and providing a habitat for oft seen urban wildlife.

As property developers and city dwellers become increasingly aware of their green percentage of living space, more focus is being placed on constructional surfaces as places to enhance the quality of living, coupled with environmental and economic advantages.

Elsewhere at the event, vertical vegetation took the lime light. As part of the joint presentation with Zimmerman, Natural Habitat’sGraham Cleary focused on the role green walls will play in the future of interior design.  Stephen Marr’s Salon at the Department highlighted how this design feature offers internal biodiversity as well as a captivating bright green image that can be used to promote a sound business ethic.

What next? Don’t think you can use the Northern Club’s deceit of hiding behind a lazy mesh of invasive ivy. This is about energy and sprit. We should take on London’s Herb, a bar that drives a mini-van covered in living flora as a means of promotion; imagine it Auckland, being allowed to drive in the bus lane if you had a veggie patch on you bonnet – submissions to the council please. 

NZI green roof

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