Tuesday Chew: The Semi-Permanent gospel according to the Church's Anna Cameron.

Tuesday Chew: The Semi-Permanent gospel according to the Church's Anna Cameron.

It’s the talk of the creative industries and it’s certainly generated a lot of buzz on Design Daily. So we thought whom better to feature as this week’s Tuesday Chew than Semi-Permanent’s mighty producer, Anna Cameron? Now that you've all had your say on who sits on your Semi-Permanent wish-list, Anna let’s us in on a few secrets about the event's future and she also tells us which speaker moved her to (little) girl tears.

Who the heck are you? 

I'm a Producer working in the creative industries. My distant background is acting and directing in theatre. My recent background involves stints as general manager of Wellington's Cuba St Carnival, Public Programmes & Education Manager at City Gallery Wellington, Assistant Director at British Council for 3 years and Director Playmarket, NZ's playwrights agency and script development service. I'm most at home working with a diversity of creative people on large-scale events. That is probably why I'm currently with The Church producing Semi-Permanent which involves wrangling all aspects of the event. 

What inspires and excites you?

Writers, music, design & art of all disciplines. I'm a sucker for large-scale spectacles & highly charged inspirational environments where people gather en masse.

How do you decide who speaks at Semi Permanent and how do you entice people to NZ?

I work closely with The Church on Semi-speaker-selection and we receive a lot of suggestions from the industry. Each year we aim for diversity across a range of ideas and creative disciplines. While Semi started its life as a graphic design event, we have expanded as feel we have a responsibility, as New Zealand's largest design event, to address a broader range of creative ideas.

How important is it to have New Zealand designers/artists speaking at Semi-Permanent?

Imperative. We have some of the best creatives in the world.

How long does it take to pull the event together? 

I started part-time in October 2009 and full-time in April 2010. It's now of the scale where it needs year-round attention, especially when you're trying to secure international speakers and sponsors. We've got half the line-up for 2011 already - for most big names it takes two years to secure their attendance. 

Your favourite speaker at Semi-Permanent so far?

Marion Bantjes moved me to girls tears (just little ones) when she opened Semi several years ago - superb speaker straight from the heart with beautiful integrity.

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?

I cannot wait to see all 15 creatives up on that stage.

In line with our Design Daily competition, whose the person you’d most like to see speak at Semi-Permanent in the future and why?

I love reading the responses. It lets us know we're on the right track. To be honest most of those suggestions are included in our future plans and some are close for 2011. I don't want to giveaway too much but your readers have put together a sympatico list with Semi - thank you readers and Design Daily!

Any ambitious and bold plans for Semi-Permanent in the future?

Yes lots. We want Semi to be inspiring New Zealand into a week of activities and once the strengthening of Aotea Square has finished - look out. 

What will you do to relax once SP 2010 is finished?

Start again but not before some tropical island, sun, swim up-to-the-bar action.

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